Moving Forward, Thanks to Frogs

Ahhhhhhh. I am finally beginning to understand a little how this works. Yes, I know we are supposed to know what we are doing, but, alas, it simply does not work that way.

When our church’s website was WIPED CLEAN, and I mean, NOTHING was left! I gave up. But we can’t give up in this crazy world of ours, can we?

One beautiful lady I once interviewed collected frogs. Now she didn’t appear to be a “frog” type of person so I inquired about this unusual collection scattered around her elegant office.

“Frogs never go backwards,” said the lady. “They remind me to always look forward.”

I went right out and started my own frog collection. I have a few now. I’m rather picky about my frogs, but when I see them around my office and home, they remind me . . . keep moving ahead, none of this slipping behind.

Soooooo, rebuilding the website, I keep learning new things, one of which is how to do posts. As a matter of fact I stumbled upon it today. Since not many people are reading me yet, I knew it could be a great way for me to learn about this thing called blogging.

Moving forward, thanks to my frogs, I shall take this opportunity to chat at the world – one day at a time.