Track 1
Pre-book – Manuscript is ready
Track 2
Post-book – Book is printed
Track 3
Follow one track or mix them all up

Registration begins @ 8:30 a.m., First Session begins at 9:15

Before You Start Your Book
Track 1
This workshop will cover the fundamentals and explore the five reasons for writing a book, help you define your target audience, define the timing of your book, identify your search phrases, keywords, metadata and book formats. Recommended for those embarking on their journey of writing their first book.
Session Speaker: Pino Shah
Pino Shah @ArtByPino is a world heritage, architecture, and performing arts photographer based in McAllen, Texas, and Ahmedabad, India. He has published Architecture of the Lower Rio Grande Valley: An Introduction, Quinta Mazatlan: A Visual Journey, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Galveston Architecture: A Visual Journey, and Brownsville Architecture: A Visual History.

Creative Writing 101
Track 3
This workshop will focus on finding inspiration, generating ideas, and producing the first draft of a manuscript. Discussion will emphasize prewriting techniques and the writing process.
Session Speakers: Rene Martinez & Marisa Taylor
Rene Martinez teaches English and creative writing at South Texas College. His work has appeared in Boulevard, The Texas Review, and American Book Review.
Marisa Taylor is a native of McAllen. She has a MFA in fiction from the University of Montana. She currently teaches English at South Texas College and actively promotes border literature.

Elements of Submission
Track 2
This workshop will focus on “Elements of Submission,” including query letter, synopsis, bio, excerpts from your work, electronic or snail mail submission.
Session Speaker: Katherine Brittain
Katherine graduated from Texas A&M University, and moved with her husband to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas in 1981. Being one of twelve percent “whites” in the Rio Grande Valley, she ran in the circles of upper class White Anglo Saxon Protestants, or WASPs, until she stumbled into anthropological research on a curandero (Mexican folk healer). This research has ended up as a narrative, The WASP and El Curandero. Katherine has experience with submitting to agents in the traditional field of publishing.

How to Get Started Marketing on Social Media
Track 2
There are 2.46 billion people on social media today and this number is predicted to grow to three billion by 2021! Join us for an informative discussion about how to reach your readers using social media. You’ll learn how to establish your digital presence and how to build your brand online. Our data will help you determine which platforms will be most effective to reach your target audience. Tips, tricks, and best practices will position you to build your social media reach and evaluate performance.
Session Speaker: Rene Hernandez, Digital Marketing Strategist, Cobalt Digital Marketing
Rene Hernandez is a Digital Marketing Strategist for Cobalt Digital Marketing. He is Google Certified Adwords and Analytics expert as well as a Search Engine Optimization mastermind. Rene provides graphic design, videography, photography, SEO, social media and digital ad strategy for a wide range of clients.

How to Work with a Publisher
Track 1
So you want to publish your book. Where do you start? Who can you find to help you? How long does it take? How many books will you have to have printed? What will it cost?
These are very common questions which new authors face when they consider getting their book printed.
I will take you through the ins and the outs of what you will be facing and provide you with real solutions. From basic formatting through editing, we will discuss real life experiences and offer samples of books by other self-publishers.
Session Speaker: Tony Corso, CopyZone
Tony Corso is the founder and president of CopyZone, a digital printing company located in McAllen. One of their product focuses has been supporting self-publishing from their original founding. Tony has worked directly with many of the authors and has a detailed knowledge of the various processes required.

How to Write Your Memoirs
Track 3
Mr. Ochoa will conduct a memoirs writing workshop where he will give instruction on how to document family and oral histories. Ochoa will talk about where and how to start writing a very personal literary narrative. The discourse will begin by discussing “family trees” and provide tips for obtaining and documenting public records to use as a reference guide and proof for one’s personal history. With the remaining time, the group will explore the tradition of storytelling and how family oral history transcend generations and are key to our personal identity.
Session Speaker: Juan Ochoa
Juan Ochoa has been everything from a pistolero to a professor. Ochoa holds a law degree from Mexico as well as a B.A. and Masters in English along with a MFA in Creative Writing from UTPA. Ochoa has been published in English and Spanish. His works appear abroad in Beat Scene (UK) and Alecart (RO) and north and south of the U.S. Mexico border in the Rio Grande Review and Analecta 37 and others. Ochoa’s debut novel Mariguano was released by Texas Review Press in October of 2013.

Powerful Tools for Dealing with Your Writer’s Self-Saboteur
Track 3
Do you oftentimes, when confronting a new experience or personal challenge, resort to the negative messages you hear in your mind? Lucia Capacchione, PhD wrote in her best-selling book, Recovery of Your Inner Child, “We all have a Critic residing in our mind.”A message you may have heard as a child, “Don’t run out into the street!” now has become you telling yourself, “Don’t send that written piece to a publisher, they will reject it!”
This workshop will offer the participants a sure fire method for becoming conscious of these critical messages AND stopping them in their tracks!!!
Session Speaker: Marsha Nelson, PhD
Marsha Nelson, PhD and Lucia Capacchione, PhD, A.T.R., R.E.A.T. in 1997 co-founded the Creative Journal Expressive Arts (CJEA) & Visioning® certification training programs. www.LuciaC.com and www.visioningcoach.org.
Dr. Nelson is the founder & director of Creative Journal for Schools, www.CJ4Schools.com, offering workshops and trainings in schools throughout Texas.
She serves as the Executive Director of Project Insight, www.project-insight.net, a 501(c)(3) non-profit which empowers individuals by promoting their physical, emotional and mental well-being through the offering of creative art therapy methods beginning in 2004.
She offers H.O.P.E. (Helping Other Patients Emotionally) Cancer Survivor and Caregiver workshops each Wednesday at the McAllen Public Library. These workshops use the book which Drs. Capacchione & Nelson wrote entitled, Creative Journal for the Cancer Survivor and Caregiver Workbook Volume 1 & 2. Project Insight sponsors this workshop.

Screenwriting-the Art of Star Trek
Track 3
Besides the usual challenges presented by the demands of format, production, and personality in creating television, there is an actual artistic component as well. As we discuss the process of writing “Future Imperfect,” an episode of “Star Trek” The Next Generation,” we will explore the challenges, benefits, and process of creative collaboration.. In examining a pivotal scene, we will see how the personal intentions and perceptions of the writers influenced the most emotional moment in this particular episode, proving that, even in science fiction television, there is art.
Session Speaker: David Bennett Carren, Assoc. Prof., UTRGV
David Carren has directed, written or produced more than 200 films and television shows, including Star Trek: The Next Generation and Stargate, SG1. His recognition as a screenwriter includes a First Place in the New York Television and Film Festival, a Grand Prize from the StoryPro Awards, a Writer’s Guild Award Nomination, finalist honors at the Austin Film Festival on multiple projects, and Platinum, Gold and Bronze Remi Awards. As a director, he earned a Silver Palm at the Mexico Film Festival for his feature film, The Red Queen.
David earned his Bachelor in Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin and his Master in Fine Arts at Spalding University. He is an Associate Professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley where he is the interim chair of the Theatre/Television/Film department.

Selling Your Work
Track 2
This workshop will provide an overview of how to price your book, how to effectively market your book through various channels, handle sales and distribution. Recommended for those contemplating self-publishing.
Session Speaker: Pino Shah
Pino Shah @ArtByPino is a world heritage, architecture, and performing arts photographer based in McAllen, Texas, and Ahmedabad, India. He has published Architecture of the Lower Rio Grande Valley: An Introduction, Quinta Mazatlan: A Visual Journey, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Galveston Architecture: A Visual Journey, and Brownsville Architecture: A Visual History.

So How Do I Get Published? A hands-on workshop
Track 2
In this personalized and interactive workshop, we will brainstorm answers to questions all writers who want to publish must ask. We will identify our reading audience and how best to reach them. With the help of volunteers from the group, all aspects of publishing will be covered, from getting through writer’s block to publishing and marketing in a variety of genres. From self-publishing to commercial publication, from blogs and e-zines to mass book distribution, we will explore typical challenges faced by writers.
Session Speaker: Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R., R.E.A.T.
Lucia Capacchione is a Registered Art Therapist (AATA), Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (IEATA), workshop leader, trainer, and best-selling author of twenty self-help books and educational student guides, including The Creative Journal, The Power of Your Other Hand and Recovery of Your Inner Child, Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams and The Art of Emotional Healing. She has presented at conferences internationally and been featured in numerous radio, television and newspaper interviews. Her books have been translated into 20 languages.
Acclaimed for her groundbreaking work in accessing emotions and creativity by tapping into the brain’s right hemisphere, Dr. Capacchione is credited with discovering the power of bilateral writing and drawing. Her techniques for using the non-dominant hand and right brain apply the latest neurobiological research for therapeutic and educational purposes. Her books and research-based methods are used in graduate courses in Art Therapy, Psychology and Art.

Your Manuscript is Done: Now What?
Track 1
Where does the Front Matter of your book mean? How many pages? Where’s the copyright and what do you do about your ISBN? How about the Back Matter? Where does your bio go? The Index? How can you get your book into the Library of Congress? Have you thought about a font? The size of your book? We’ll talk about all this and more as we talk about those last little, but time consuming, pages that will set your book apart.
Session Speaker: Roda Grubb
Roda Grubb learned about publishing through hundreds of hours research, phone calls and computer interaction. Publishing her two books, Rocksann Finds God and Everelle’s Quest, an Isle of Foote novel, Roda entered the vast arena of the publishing world, forming her own company, Journey Publishing. Passionate about her writing, she is even more passionate about guiding others to fulfill their dream of having the completed, published book in their hands. Understanding how writing can be a terrifying world, she decided to offer the RGV Writers Conference to the writers of the Valley, thanks to the generous sponsors.