Moving Along – Publishing Everelle’s Quest

I wish writing a book could be as simple as putting the words on paper and sending it off to let someone else worry about everything else. What I have learned in these last few years of publishing is that I have got to learn EVERYTHING about this business I can if I wish to be a successful, published author.

I sure do thank Booklogix for their first conference this year – Publish15. I learned so much there and I’m still trying to sort it all out. From paper to printers to publishers to writer’s software, there was a workshop on it. I loved it.

It was a good place to begin networking and getting to know and be known. So, have I really used anything from Publish15? I have a notebook full of notes from it. I learned about Bibliocrunch and signed up for their Pro Membership. That’s been working pretty good so far, it’s like having a coach. Yes, I go back over the notes and do many of the things they suggest and that keeps me moving along.

I am in the process of getting my latest fantasy, Isle of Foote, in print. Since I purchased 10 ISBN’s last year for Rocksann Finds God and future books, I decided to use my own ISBN this time.

If you have your own ISBN, might just as well buy your own barcode. Easy to do and only $25.00. Everything can be purchased at My professional editor, Barbara Ertl, and I have combed through the book three and a third times and I’ve gone through it perhaps another five. Much more editing and there won’t be an Isle of Foote left! Just kidding.

What font do you want to use? How do you want it laid out? What about your cover? There are articles galore out on the net about anything to do with self-publishing a book, almost.

Fonts – after trial and error, I have chosen Georgia, a nice little friendly font, easily read, settles nicely on the page. For my title font, I chose something different – a font I think looks pretty Foote-ish.

Setting up my copyright page was a proud moment for me. I pretty well simply copied it from other books and made it my own. I chose, for Isle of Foote, to put my cover designers name and contact information there. I also will use, I think, my publishing company, Journey Publishing.

At Publish15, Revel Pix LLC , 585-472-2054,, made headshots for us. Voila! Perfect for the back cover and inside About the Author.

So many little things it is necessary to think about. Right now I have a word file with a finished book. I need to make the next major decision – who will put it in print? I’m talking to a few different self-publishers and will make that decision.

I am also beginning to write my Marketing Plan, a must have! Didn’t do that with Rocksann Finds God and only sold 160 copies. A shame for it’s a great little book. But, I learned my lesson. Put a Marketing Plan on paper!

Well, this post is the start of something big. That’s my dream. To write so that others-lots of others-loads of others-millions of others-might read my books, my stories, my posts and feel glad they did.

Now it’s time to go make more decisions. Have a grand and glorious Labor Day!