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Rocksann Finds God

Gnarly Old Mesquite – A portion of one of the 11 spectacular paintings completed by Senorina Veliz Roberts for Rocksann Finds God!



It’s time to tell you the story of Rocksann and her most curious adventure. You might find it hard to believe this simple story because the most miraculous things are sometimes hard to accept. Nevertheless, ‘tis a story to be told.

Rocksann has a mystical talent that brings to her the most unusual friends. Even so, as curious as Rocksann is, they can’t answer all her questions and neither can her mom. At the end of her rope, one day, Rocksann’s mother cries out,

“Why don’t you go ask God those questions?”

And thus, Rocksann finds a whole new world opening up to her. What will she find? The answers surprised even Rocksann! Listen in as she learns what God has to say – guiding her on her way.