Hi! I’m Roda Hilenski Grubb and you have landed on my website. No doubt about it – I’m ever so glad you are here on my home page.

Picture by: Revel Pix LLC, revelpix.com

Picture by: Revel Pix LLC,

I’m a writer and am passionate about my craft. I have been a feature writer since 2002. When I began my career as a writer in earnest, I knew I had found my path in life. Oh, I had written for newsletters and a few magazine articles now and again, but writing for a local newspaper led me down my own personal yellow-brick road. Now I’m close to OZ as my books become published. (More about me.)

I thought I would find some of my favorite stories for you, out there on the infinity of the web, and make it easy for you to have a good read. My great boss let me write about everything – how to build a house, unique places to visit around Orlando, people – read the story of my sister’s bone marrow transplant. Ten years worth of stories but I’ll only pick the top.

I’m also going to be adding more stories as I find new people, places or things I think you’d like to read about and add them here. Go take a look see.

So … Welcome! Peruse and enjoy! Please check out Rocksann Finds God-she’s a wonderful spiritual storybook, take a look at my newest fantasy, Everelle’s Quest, an Isle of Foote novel, like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter as I figure how to use it and come back often. Thank you and have a Grand and Glorious day!