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Hi! I’m Roda Hilenski Grubb and you have landed on my website. Welcome aboard. I change this up every once in a while as I continue my growth as a human and a writer.

Picture by: Revel Pix LLC, revelpix.com

Picture by: Revel Pix LLC,

I’m passionate about my craft. I’ve been a feature/human interest writer since 2002. When I began writing in earnest, I knew I had found my path in life. Oh, I had written for newsletters and a few magazine articles now and again, but writing for a local newspaper led me down my own personal yellow-brick road. I’d love to say I’m close to OZ as my books are now published, maybe when they become hits I’ll arrive at my own person utopia. (More about me.)

At the time my great boss and mentor, Brad Nibert, let me write about everything – how to build a house, unique places to visit around Orlando, people – read the story of my sister’s bone marrow transplant, Feng Shui. I shall forever be grateful to him. 

This website has a variety of my writing projects-stories, books, Let’s Write A Story-a unique 32 story tale written by 18 different writers in various genres, RGV Writers’ Connection, and my beloved, Max Grubb’s sermons, should anyone want to listen to some dynamite sermons of a wonderful pastor who is now preaching from Heaven.

I’m also going to be adding more stories as I find new people, places or things I think you’d like to read about and add them here. Go take a look see.

So … Welcome! Peruse and enjoy! Please check out Rocksann Finds God-she’s a wonderful spiritual storybook, take a look at my newest fantasy, Everelle’s Quest, an Isle of Foote novel, like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter as I figure how to use it and come back often. Thank you and have a Grand and Glorious day!