Saturday, January 4th, 2020

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10:00 a.m.
McAllen Chamber’s Creative Incubator
614 N. Main, McAllen
Only $5!

Workshop Description:


You’re probably familiar with the moment: the character you have lovingly created is starting to rebel against her role; now it seems you don’t even know who she really is. It is the “abandon all hope” moment. But there is hope – you don’t have to remain lost in the wilderness of indecision. Using Dante’s Divine Comedy as a metaphor for character development, this workshop will guide you through the stages of crafting your characters. We travel from character inferno to character paradise (and all the places in between). The class will be a workshop-style format as we will create and edit so that our time together will be practical as well as informative.

Your Virgil/Beatrice (aka your guide): Cheri Grissom


A proud RGV native, Cheri grew up across Central and South America. She is an avid traveler and a lifelong lover of words. She has chased them across pages and silver screens, taking in their beauty and wisdom, then releasing them to soar and inspire others. Her Ph.D. in Spanish Literature encouraged her to chase words across languages and cultures as she studied critical analysis of character and plot. Also, as a minister’s daughter, she loves people. Cheri has been a professor, a nonprofit volunteer, and a spiritual/mental health mentor. Her experiences with people from multiple cultures and walks of life have introduced her to a living kaleidoscope of characters. She loves to bring her experiences with culture and quirks into her writing and lecturing. In her spare time, she is an unrepentant daydreamer, an eternal student, a devoted bookworm, and a devotee of shoes, chocolate, and adventures.