Pastor Max Grubb

Pastor Max’s Sermons

The Right Reverend Max G. Grubb, as I like to call him, was my husband for 33 years. It wasn’t until he was 65 in 1998 that he decided to enter Brite Divinity at his beloved Texas Christian University (go Frogs!) after an obvious life-changing mission trip to Mexico. He transitioned to the heavenly plane on October 5, 2017, at 84, less than two weeks after his last sermon. Max had a way of offering his sermons unlike any other preacher I’ve heard. I’ve got many more on cassette tape. These are the ones we videoed. If I find more, I’ll add them.

He was a sober alcoholic, attended AA religiously, pun intended, and through all his pain insisted he die sober which he did with 35 years sobriety. He used much of the spirituality he gleaned in AA in his sermons hence his ability to touch many who maybe had given up on God. He is missed by all but so few were able to hear his sermons I thought it might be right and proper to put them here for all to see. Some are great, some are just good but all enlightening. My favorites are June 25, 2017-Have you met Frank Johnson? and his last, September 24, 2017 – You will be a new Heaven! Peace to you as you listen to this man of God.